william cowan

Interim MA senator William ‘Mo’ Cowan

Today, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) named William ‘Mo’ Cowan as the interim Senator for the state. Cowan previously worked as Deval’s chief of staff and will be one of the few African Americans to have ever served in the United States Senate.

Cowan was named to temporarily replace John Kerry who recently left the Senate to become Secretary of State. Cowan will act simply as a temporary placeholder for the next few months until the special election, but that will still potentially give him a chance to weigh in on gun control, immigration reform and the sequestration cuts.

The special election to fill the remainder of the term will take place on June 25th with the primary on April 30th. So far Rep. Edward Markey (D) is the only major candidate to announce his intention to run, but with special election date now officially set other potential candidates will need to move very quickly.

The biggest unknown at this point is if former Sen. Scott Brown (R) is willing to make another ran after having lost just a few months ago. Polling shows he would stand a good chance of winning if he did.