Our Unrepresentative House Is a Problem Easily Solved

By: Monday September 8, 2014 3:18 pm

A new round of blog debates about whether Democrats’ biggest problem in the House has been Republican gerrymandering or the fact that Democratic voters tend to be concentrated in urban areas was started by Nate Cohn writing Why Democrats Can’t Win the House. He puts most of the blame on urban concentration. Writers like David [...]

How a Bad Election System Makes the Racial Partisan Divide a Big Problem

By: Monday March 24, 2014 1:15 pm

This racial divide wouldn’t be as big a political problem if we had a well designed political system that properly reflects the whole electorate, but our system for electing Congress currently has a huge bias towards white voters.

Our Election Laws Are the True Root of Washington’s Gridlock

By: Friday December 28, 2012 1:17 pm

Recently, many have tried to place the blame for the current gridlock in Washington on growing partisanship, primaries, activists or even the electorate; but ultimately, the real root of this current dysfunction is our election laws. While divided government was the result of the last election, that is not what the electorate voted for. In [...]

Pirate Party’s Big Victory in Berlin Would Be a Big Defeat in USA

By: Monday September 19, 2011 5:32 pm

One of the biggest international news stories today is that the Pirate Party in Germany managed to do very well in the Berlin state Parliament election. From the Wired.co.UK: The German arm of the International Pirate Party saw a momentous victory in this week’s Berlin state elections, as the internet activist group won 15 seats [...]

Competing Visions Not Just Referendums: Why America Needs a System for More than Two Parties – Part 2

By: Wednesday September 14, 2011 10:26 am

In the United States and most democracies, voters don’t primarily use elections to choose between competing ideologies or plans. First and foremost, voters use the ballot to depose those they think failed to govern efficiently. Elections are often a referendum on the party in power. This makes sense. Whether are not you share the general [...]

Zero-Sum Politics: Why America Needs a System for More than Two Parties – Part 1

By: Monday September 12, 2011 2:20 pm

President Obama is unpopular because he failed to turn the economy around. So now he faces the very real possibility he’ll lose his re-election campaign. Instead of just trying to make him more popular, the Obama campaign is also working on a strategy to make the Americans dislike, distrust and outright fear whomever the Republican [...]

34% Think Two-Party System is Seriously Broken

By: Tuesday September 6, 2011 3:16 pm

The number of Americans who think our two party system is seriously broken has edged up slightly to 34 percent, a new high in the Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll. From the Poll: With the right-track wrong-track numbers the highest they’ve been since 2008, extreme gridlock the new norm in Washington, and disapproval of Congress [...]

If You Want More Bipartisanship, Promote More Political Parties

By: Monday May 30, 2011 8:45 am

If you look at the current government in the UK, you will see an almost unprecedented level of bipartisanship in the recent history of the country. The Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats have been working together extremely closely. What is the cause of this outbreak of bipartisanship? The answer is simple, the UK has [...]

Majorities from Every Political Ideology Want a Third Party Option

By: Tuesday May 10, 2011 11:09 am

Overall, 52 percent of Americans would like to add a third major political party, while only 40 percent feel Democrats and Republicans do an adequate job representing the American people, according to the latest Gallup poll. The interesting finding of this poll is that it found across the political spectrum, liberals, moderates and conservatives, all [...]

Canadian Results Show Election Rules Can Trump Will of the Electorate

By: Wednesday May 4, 2011 8:30 am

Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are celebrating their huge win in Monday’s election. Having won 54 percent of the seats in the House of Commons, the Conservatives now have a solid governing majority. The thing is that if Canada used a different voting system like many other democracies (such as Germany, [...]

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