Democrats Have Slight but Real Chance of Winning Back House in 2012

By: Friday January 7, 2011 4:55 pm

Having spent only one day as House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi is already talking about the quick potential return of the Democratic party to the majority. While winning the minimum 25 seats required to regain the majority would be difficult, looking at the historic record, it is possible. An examination of the past 30 congressional [...]

First is First; Second is a Mandate?

By: Tuesday July 27, 2010 2:33 pm

Determining who wins and who loses in a democratic system should be easy. After the election, the party that won the most votes, ends up with the most seats and controls the government is clearly the winner. That’s the electorate’s choice. Yet somehow, the Washington Beltway media have created a fantasy world where merely winning [...]