PA-Sen: Toomey Wrote the Book (Literally) on Shadowy Campaign Spending

By: Wednesday October 27, 2010 9:00 am

This ad has been credited for helping to bring Joe Sestak back into the Senate race in Pennsylvania. The latest poll, from Reuters-Ipsos, shows a dead heat, after Sestak trailed for months. Just like in his primary victory over Arlen Specter, Sestak stormed back in the final stages and now could pull off the upset, [...]

PA Sen: Sestak Surges, Making Race a Toss-Up

By: Thursday October 21, 2010 10:26 am

Two new polls confirm the a strong, late surge for Democrat Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race that we saw in the latest PPP poll. Quinnipiac has Sestak trailing Republican Pat Toomey by only two while the Muhlenberg tracking poll has Sestak tied. Quinnipiac (10/13-17) Joe Sestak (D) 46 Pat Toomey (R) 48 DK/NA [...]

PA Sen: Sestak Surges into a Tie

By: Tuesday October 19, 2010 2:43 pm

A bit of surprisingly good news for Democrats in what has otherwise been a very bad few weeks: PPP now finds the Pennsylvania Senate race effectively tied. Democrat Joe Sestak leads Republican Pat Toomey by a single point. PPP (PDF) (10/17-18) Joe Sestak (D) 46 Pat Toomey (R) 45 Undecided 9 What is helping Sestak [...]

PA-Sen: Joe Sestak Goes for the Jugular Against Pat Toomey

By: Friday October 8, 2010 4:24 pm

Pennsylvania is one of those states in the industrial Midwest where the public mood is incredibly inhospitable to Democrats. At the same time, the Democratic enclaves around Philadelphia and its suburbs could boost statewide candidates if they manage to hold serve elsewhere. The Senate race is intriguing for how Joe Sestak is running against Pat [...]

Senate Democrats Trailing by High Single Digits in CO, PA and WI

By: Monday October 4, 2010 12:42 pm

A new set of Marist polls for McClathy paints a dark picture for three Democratic candidates. In Colorado, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Democrats are trailing their Republican opponents by high single digits. Colorado McClatchy/Marist (PDF) (9/26-28) Ken Buck (R) 50 Michael Bennet (D) 42 Other 2 Undecided Pennsylvania McClatchy/Marist (PDF) (9/26-28) Pat Toomey (R) 51 Joe [...]

PA-Sen: Chuck Hagel Endorses Joe Sestak

By: Monday August 23, 2010 7:02 pm

Chuck Hagel has become the second prominent independent/Republican to endorse Joe Sestak in as many weeks. Hagel told The Associated Press on Monday that Sestak has demonstrated during his two terms in Congress that he puts the interests of the nation and his constituents ahead of his party. “I think he’s exactly what our country [...]

PA Sen: Toomey Holds Big Lead Over Sestak Thanks to Large Enthusiasm Gap

By: Tuesday August 17, 2010 4:30 pm

Republican Pat Toomey holds a substantial nine-point lead in his Pennsylvania Senate race against Democrat Joe Sestak, according to a new PPP poll of likely voters. Sestak suffers from tanking support for Obama and a serious enthusiasm gap. Currently, only 40 percent of likely voters in Pennsylvania approve of Obama’s job performance while 55 percent [...]

What If People Actually Vote for Hard-Right, Tea Party Republicans?

By: Wednesday August 4, 2010 10:01 am

There has been much hope–or dread, depending on which party you support–that the embrace of arch-conservative and Tea Party-backed candidates in contest primaries could seriously cost the Republican Party several Senate seats this November. By my count, the GOP could lose at least five Senate race as a result of embracing a more conservative challenger [...]

PA Sen: Sestak Pulls Even with Toomey, But Obama’s Bad Numbers Could Blunt Dem Surge

By: Wednesday July 14, 2010 11:22 am

The Pennsylvania Senate race between Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Joe Sestak is currently tied, according to a new Quinnipiac poll of registered voters. The good news for Sestak, who defeated incumbent Arlen Specter in the primary, is that the trend is moving in his favor. A previous Quinnipiac poll of the race in April [...]

Primary Upsets: Anti-Establishment Triple Play

By: Wednesday May 19, 2010 12:14 am

Tuesday was a bad day for Washington establishment candidates and a bad day for conservative Democrats. All three establishment favorites performed poorly in the May 18 elections. The most powerful Washington Republican, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), endorsed Trey Grayson for Senate. Despite being the home state Senator, McConnell’s endorsement carried little weight in [...]

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