Proposal to Fix the Insane Way We Replace Senators

By: Friday June 7, 2013 10:51 am

The unfortunate passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is a sad reminder that the United States’ system for dealing with Senate vacancies is truly insane. There is no national standard. Each state has its own system and they run from the decent, to the highly undemocratic, to the legally ambiguous. Given the political pressures and [...]

New Jersey Senator Lautenberg Passes Away

By: Monday June 3, 2013 10:36 am

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) has passed away, according to his office. Lautenberg represented the state of New Jersey for nearly thirty years during two separate stints in office. The senator was 89 years old and suffered from numerous ailments. He was one of the oldest senators currently serving. Now that his seat is [...]

NJ Sen: Frank Lautenberg Will Not Run Again

By: Thursday February 14, 2013 3:59 pm

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) will not seek re-election in 2014 when his current term is up. The 89 year-old Lautenberg has been a Senator for most of the last three decades. From the Star-Ledger: U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a pugnacious and plain-spoken Democrat who has represented New Jersey for three decades, will not [...]

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