H.R.2819: Stop Subsidizing Hollywood Or Massive Cover-Up?

"Hollywood Sign"
"Hollywood Sign" by vlastula on fiv

This euphemistically titled: “Stop Subsidizing Hollywood Act” stinks to high heaven.  Wouldn’t you think the  Obama Administration would love the PR a made for TV movie that glorifies their ‘kill’ of ‘Osama Bin Ladin’ would bring?

The question, then is:  Why does this bill place a gag order on the whole affair?

H.R. 2819 description below:

To prohibit the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and any other officer or employee of the Federal Government from providing information about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden to any person outside the Federal Government until the Inspectors General of the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency carry out an investigation and provide a briefing to Congress on the matter, and for other purposes

via H.R.2819: Stop Subsidizing Hollywood Act – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress.

I smell a rat.

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