The Ryan Budget Challenge

Well, since I am way more qualified to draft a budget than Congressman
Paul Ryan is, my draft budget is at .
Note that unlike his, mine balances next year, preserves existing
levels of service, doesn’t put hundreds of thousands of federal workers
out of a job, moves very close to a single-payer health system, and
generally sticks the oil companies with their fair share of taxes.  Many
of the numbers need purification, but purifying numbers without Office of
Management and Budget or Congressional Budget Office access is
difficult–still, such access will only increase the surplus for debt
reduction or job-intensive public works projects or tax reduction or
all three.  And unlike his, mine does not need a deceptive title, or
vast quantities of smoke and mirrors to achieve balance.

Anybody else up for taking on Congressman Ryan?

Best wishes,

–Mike Barkley, Candidate for Congress,

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