All bullshit aside

There are many different ideas on what is going on in modern America. Which is very normal. At any given moment there are various dubious or varies noble ideas floating around. This is the earmark of free society.

Obviously things are not as they should be in America. Laws regulations and so on are all out of whack. Blame is cheap it is everywhere. Guilt seems to be a lost virtue. WHo is to blame? Listen to one person or certain groups and they have a very definite demon(s) to lay blame on.

Here lies the problem. Not everyone can be right. Undoubtedly someone is deceiving us. Depending on what one believes the blame isnt so cut and dried. One narrative swears by points, while others believe a whole different narrative. And on and on.

There is no end to the betrayals the lies the blame. Still no one claims any guilt. Certainly I am not guilty. Certainly I cant be mistaken. No matter how guilty I am. This is what drives humans blameless guilt, is nothing new. It is just humans doing what humans do. Trying to survive.

I admit it. I am guilty. I made the country the way it is. I wasnt acting alone in some self centered guiltless charade hiding behind some mysterious group, a collective of misfits hell bound on destruction. No I was just a voter just like everyone else. Voting for the lesser evil.

Four years ago when Obama and that other guy were running for president we had no choice but to vote for the person we felt would do a better job. This is called Democracy. It is scared and just. Even though I knew the outcome would be less then desired. I put my faith in Democracy. I am not disappointed. What, you say?  Yes I recognize the corruption the less then desirable situation that today scares the shit out of everyone but the disconnected.

I am no different then no one else. I am but a grain of sand in a sea of humanity. No better then the majority of the naive the new voters that had no idea that campaign promises by rule of thumb are guaranteed to be not to be kept. No, I am as guilty as they are.

Democracy. it is not perfect by any means. let a large group run wild and they will dictate through Democracy what their minority cousins can do or not do. let the biased majority get their foot in the door and rape will be the least of our pain.

Servitude and death are the ultimate gauges of  corruption. Choices are human, we all need to make them. Democracy demands choice. Today in this modern age of  the staus quo we must make decisions about our future. Should we sit on our thunbs and let things happen that our grandparents the ones that made all the difference, be angry at us for dropping the torch that they held so high and with dignity?

Us individual Americans are weak without Democracy. We cannot stand with strength against such big money dictators of our every waking moment. We must tear down this unequal vile handicap. We must look at corruption in the eye and attack it. Fear nothing but oppression. And  unite against fascist controllers of our fate.

We must end Political Parties monopoly on Democracy. These vile parties have taken our only true American freedom, our right to vote for who us the people see fit to represent us. Our public servants have taken us over. We are no longer ‘We the people’ but are ‘Them the political parties’.

I can no longer tolerate the open raping of this country by an collective political system that is not concerned with the citizens that empowered them. We gave them the power, we voted our party lines. But in return they fucked us over, and tried to blame us the people.

Yes we are to blame in reality for what crimes that they have committed. We gave them the power to be our overlords. We are to blame.And we continue to yield our freedom on hope that our side will somehow ‘win’ against all odds. How naive have we come? Why do we collectively hand the whip to our keepers? progress? A hope for equal power to enslave the nonbelievers?  A struggle to became our feared enemies?

We are the citizens we have the numbers. We have the ability to break the chains through our Democracy. But we are too cuaght in picking teams, groups that want nothing less then total power to tell those that we blame to stick it up their asses. But we the true majority have missed the point. We cannot rise above our foe by becoming them.

Political Parties by their very nature are special groups. Political Parties can never equally represent the country as a whole. political Parties are perverted twisted cliques that can do nothing but discriminate against those outside their party. These special groups have but one goal, and that is to become the king of the mountain, to become an ONE party system. The gaol of every Political Party is Authority divine. The bliss of every parties whores, to become the oppressor to became our worst nightmares. And to blame us the common people for not backing them in their suicidal headlong jump into a dictatorship.

Voting along Party lines is suicide in the streets. A bloody farewell to liberty to freedom.

Thank you for your time, I hope you understand my plight , our destiny. Good day

“No Bird fucking allowed!  Its the law!”   from Larry Nevin’s novel Destiny’s Road.

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