Vultures Circling: Insurance Companies Frighten Elderly

Note added after the attacks on elected officials by despicable protesters inspired by lies and injunctions to disrupt democratic processes; Yesterday’s disgusting behavior by the insurance company teabaggage protesters illustrates the kind of qualities this dishonest and abusive element attracts.

These are the same tactics I saw growing up in the south in the 50’s, when the Roosevelts, most especially the generous Eleanor, were depicted as ‘niggerlovers’ – and these are the same claims that christian behavior is socialism.

It’s no wonder that such sorts produce dishonest sales tactics that attempt to delude and deprive the elderly further.
As a newly Medicare-qualified adult, I find I am now one of the elderly targeted by the ruthless sales-vermin of the insurance companies. Thursday I was settling in to watch Congress in session in the afternoon when a well-dressed professional-appearing woman tapped on my door. When I answered, she gave her name and handed me a card and started talking about insurance coverage.

To my dismayed inquiry; "This isn’t a sales call?" she balked, then asked;

"Do you know about the changes in your Medicare?"

I firmly replied yes and closed the door. This is not the first such dishonest approach I’ve had.

In the mail last week I received an official looking envelope with typical detachable envelope, very much like Social Security notices. It told me:

"Your Medicare benefits have been reduced by Congress due to increases in your Deductibles and "Part A" Co-Insurance payment. Now, Medicare pays less of your health care cost and you are responsible for the unpaid balance… Also, the DRG PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEM is still in effect and sets PER AILMENT CEILINGS on MEDICARE’S payment to a hospital."

To an informed person, this is not a selling point but an obvious fraud. However, the despicable nature of trying to capitalize on the fear-mongering about Medicare reductions – that the Right has spread everywhere in its fight against protections for consumers – is obvious and should be prevented. Elderly who are easy to delude have been prepped for victimization by wingnuts looking for votes. Worse, though, the costs of believing in those agents of misinformation can be more than the already less fortunate can afford.

Sales resulting from the misrepresentation of what Congress has done to Medicare should not be allowed. I believe it’s time to pass this information on to the Texas Department of Insurance, but of course I have no confidence that any positive steps will be taken there.

It’s no surprise that insurance salespeople would be the ones circling the elderly like the vultures they are.

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