Food Sunday: Food News You Can Use

It’s raining cats, dog, and little fuzzy bunnies today at Chez Siberia, which is great since Aunt Toby needed a reason NOT to work in the garden today. We had a positive tsunami of veggies yesterday that had to be dealt with so I’m pretty happy for today.

OK (cue sfx of the newsroom teletype machine): To the News!

Show Biz: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Wins Emmy for Best Reality Show! I’ve written about Jamie Oliver before and whether you’re “fer” him or “agin” him, you have to admit that he put an important topic right in the middle of America’s kitchen table: What kids are fed and how it affects them. A lot of America’s parents watched that show on ABC (they still carry it on their web site, by the way), and a lot of America’s parents got very uncomfortable, always a very good thing. The battle goes on; Huntington, WV is still very busy with their cooking classes, school lunch program changes and Jamie marches on. Jamie Oliver Emmy

The place where Scotland’s Two Greatest Exports Come Together: Scottish engineering joins Scots whiskey to product biofuel, using by-products of whiskey distilling. “A research team from Edinburgh’s Napier University spent two years creating the biofuel butanol that can be used in gas tanks either as a stand-alone fuel or blended with petrol or diesel, they announced this week.

It is derived from distillation by-products pot ale (liquid from copper stills) and draff (the spent grains).” Makes you wonder where this stuff was going before, right? Scottish Biofuel And, is the tequila industry the next step? Tequila Waste . . .

Half a Billion Eggs is A Lot of Eggs: “Federal officials say it’s one of the largest egg recalls in recent history. Americans consume about 220 million eggs a day, based on industry estimates. Iowa is the leading egg producing state. The eggs recalled Friday were distributed under the brand names Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms, Sunny Meadow, Wholesome Farms and West Creek. The new recall applies to eggs sold between April and August. Hillandale said the eggs were distributed to grocery distribution centers, retail groceries and food service companies which service or are located in fourteen states, including Arkansas, California, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin….A food safety expert at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., said the source of the outbreak could be rodents, shipments of contaminated hens, or tainted feed. Microbiology professor Patrick McDonough said he was not surprised to hear about two recalls involving different egg companies, because in other outbreaks there have also been multiple sources.
Both plants could have a rodent problem, or both plants could have gotten hens that were already infected, or feed that was contaminated. Egg Recall Considering that these are probably large eggs, average size 2 ounces, with 46 ml of liquid, I’ll let you do the math on how much stuff will have to be disposed of properly.

Salmonella: It’s Everywhere, It’s Everywhere!:
“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration yesterday issued an update on the nationwide recall of frozen mamey fruit pulp for Salmonella Typhi contamination yesterday, adding a second company’s frozen mamey pulp product to the list of foods recalled this week. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 9 people in California and Nevada have become ill with typhoid fever infections after eating the Salmonella Typhi-contaminated mamey pulp. Outbreak victims reported consuming mamey fruit pulp, including mamey fruit smoothies at juice stands.” Mamey Salmonella outbreak

“Two companies recalled pistachios for potential Salmonella contamination this week. AustiNuts Wholesale, Inc., of Manor, Texas, recalled its pistachio kernel products and GloryBee Foods, Inc., of Eugene, Oregon, recalled its Aunt Patty’s brand 5 pound bags of Whole Raw Pistachios and 25 pound boxes of Specialty Commodities brand Whole Raw Pistachios Kernels after the companies’ supplier, California Delights, Inc., recalled 2 shipments of pistachio kernels for possible Salmonella contamination.
Nut Salmonella

“The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets announced this week that Snow White Food Products of Brooklyn, NY, was recalling alfalfa sprouts for potential Salmonella contamination.” Sprout Salmonella

There are probably another 4-5 salmonella contamination outbreak stories at this site; smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. Salmonella Salmonella

Obama to recess appoint Hagen to head food safety position vacant since 2008. "At a time when our nation faces so many pressing challenges, I urge members of the Senate to stop playing politics with our highly qualified nominees, and fulfill their responsibilities of advice and consent," President Obama said in a statement as he announced four recess appointments. "Until they do, I reserve the right to act within my authority to do what is best for the American people."
Hagen to USDA Post

And in microscopically local news you can use: If you are inundated with tomatoes and just can’t get your head about dragging out the jars, lids and the canner right now, do what we do here at Chez Siberia (anything to avoid putting more heat and moisture into the kitchen):
Wash carefully
Cut out the top
Cut into 4-6 sections (depending on what sort of tomato you have),
Using a spoon, dig out as much of the seeds and gelatinous stuff.
Lay out on a cookie sheet and put into the freezer.
When frozen, take out and put into whatever you use for freezer containers (ziplock™ bags with the air sucked out, etc.).
You can do two things with these:
Cooking for items like paella, tacos, enchiladas, soups, stews, sauces, etc.
If you want to can, just defrost, throw into the pot, cook up and can as you usually do.

Have a good week. Eat something green and CLEAN!!

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