An Indigenous Egalitarianism?

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in conducting a proprietary public poll for the Chicano Veterans Organization, and of which I am a member.  Thus, today being an election day, I thought I would share a tad of insight thoughtfully gained.

1.  Body of Respondents Part One

This was over 1000 Hispanics being fully employed.

2.  Body of Respondents Part Two

This was over 600 “spouses” of the 1000 fully employed Hispanics.

3.  Location of Poll was conducted in West Phoenix, Arizona and which covered the suburbs of Tolleson, Buckeye, El Mirage, and Peoria.

  1. The results were as follows:


A)    The fully employed Hispanics voted in favor of the Obama candidacy at over 85 percent.

B)    The “spouses” voted in favor of the Obama candidacy at over 76 percent.

And why does all this matter?

Consider that on today’s Election Day, over Three Billion Dollars will have been spent on political message, and given to television stations, newspapers and cable outlets.  Subsequently, most of these messages are intentionally incorrect or just sheer and outright fabrications of the readily available and “unassailable” facts, which leads me to easily surmise that my fellow Democrats have put the “For Sale” sign on their backs.

Consequently, this brings me to one of my important issues and being Public Campaign Financing for any candidate or incumbent for either chamber of Congress.  Until then, we in the Native American/Chicano communities, will remain being “oppressed” by the Democratic Majority in our political Party.

And that makes me the “proverbial” UnderDog.  As such, I am not a ‘victim’ but I am an UnderDog and whom understands and fully appreciates that as long as we continue in our ready acceptance for a small percentile of voters to “actualize” our victories and the failures in American politics, the Overtly Wealthy see this apparent dilemma as an ongoing opportunity to utilize as their springboard and slingshot for greater wealth accumulation.

Consequently, the Native Americans and the Chicanos will bring back the Equal Rights Amendment, as well, as continue to advocate for an “academic-military” Draft, and as such, both constructs are “empowering the Individual.”  To wit, we will see the full blossom for the historical Indigenous Egalitarianism, writ large in our America. And it’s only then that the majority of white Americans can take off their “For Sale” signs.