Bruce Braley does have a slight edge when comparing favorable/unfavorable numbers

At this moment the most competitive Senate race in the country is in Iowa. The open senate seat created by the retirement of Tom Harkin (D) is a dead heat according to two new polls of the state.

The Suffolk/USA Today poll found both Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley with 40 percent support among likely voters. A plethora of minor candidates have around one percent each and 15 percent remain undecided in the race.

The result is essentially the same as the result of the PPP Survey, also out this week. It found Barley at 42 percent and Ernst at 41 percent when all the minor candidates where included. In just a head-to-head matchup, they are tied with 42 percent each.

One small advantage for Braley is that his favorable rating is marginally better than his Republican opponent’s in both polls. According to Suffolk, 41 percent view him favorably while 35 percent see him unfavorably. By comparison, Ernst’s favorable rating is 41/41. It is not much but in an extremely close race any little bit can make a difference.

Photo by Gregory Hauenstein under Creative Commons license