The DCCC has been making bank by fueling fears that Republicans will try to impeach Obama

In the bizarre upside down world which is Washington D.C. you have Democrats effectively trying to get their own President impeached. It is not that Democrats actually want to see Obama forced from office, they just think impeachment proceedings would be really good for them politically. So now Democrats use every possibly excuse to bring up the big “I” word.

This new press release today from the DCCC is a perfect example of how desperately they reach for it:

As Republicans barrel forward with their expensive taxpayer-funded lawsuit, political observers are asking whether House Republicans continue their reckless political theatre and pursue Act II: impeachment? With the third-highest-ranking Republican Steve Scalise refusing to rule out impeachment, House Republicans in competitive races around the country are pushing for impeachment.

Clearly, impeachment is just around the corner because the third ranking member dodged a question.

The political strategy is simple. Talking up impeachment brings in a lot of donations.

It also, though, increases the chances of it actually happening. The more Democrats talk about impeachment, the more attentions its gets and the more seriously it is taken. This in turn emboldens that part of the Republican base who want Obama impeached to put pressure on their elected officials. As more Republican members feel they need to say something positive about impeachment, you get new fuel to feedback into the cycle.

While impeachment is not going to happen — Speaker Boehner has made clear he will not fall for this “scam” — it remains true that Democrats have technically adopted a strategy that marginally increases the chance of impeachment.

When you have gotten to a point where the political incentives would actually favor a party for indirectly trying to get their own president impeached, you have to start questioning if there is something wrong with the structure of your democracy.