The people of Montana won’t get a chance to vote on Medicaid expansion this November. The campaign trying to put the issue on the ballot was unable to get enough valid signatures by today’s deadline.

Kim Abbott, President of the Healthy Montana Initiative wrote: “We are disappointed that the clock ran out on this effort, but we know that Montanans overwhelmingly support expanding Medicaid for 70,000 Montanans. Over 300 volunteers worked tirelessly over the past eight weeks. Because of their work, the movement to expand Medicaid grew by over 3,000 voters each and every week this spring. We are over 25,000 people stronger than we were when we started, and make no mistake, the momentum for this will continue to grow until Medicaid is expanded. There is too much at stake for Montanans, our hospitals and clinics, and our state to slow down now.”

The effort managed to collect 25,000 raw signatures. While only 24,175 valid signatures are required the normal invalidation rate will put the campaign below that threshold.

The Montana legislature will likely debate the issue of Medicaid expansion again in 2015. We will need to wait to see if the Republican party’s opposition to all things Obamacare eases after the midterm election.