At this point, Republicans hold the advantage

There is some good news for Democrats this morning. For the first time in months they now hold the lead in Quinnipiac‘s generic ballot question.

The national poll found 40 percent would vote for a Democrat for Congress if the election was held today while 38 percent would vote for the Republican. This is a modest improvement since late January when Republicans had a lead of 38 percent to 37 percent.

In addition President Obama’s approval numbers have gotten better although they are still underwater. Currently 42 percent approve of the job he is doing while 50 percent disapprove. While not great that is an increase since January when it was 40 percent to 54 percent.

Other pollsters, like the Washington Post and PPP, have also found a modest improvement in the Democrats’ political standing. They both show small increases in Democrats’ generic ballot standing and Obama’s approval rating since the start of the year.

Democrats are still in trouble because structural issues give Republicans a huge natural advantage this November but their standing with the public is now slightly less bad.

Image by DonkeyHotey under Creative Commons license