Chris Christie

National support for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) has completely crumbled from its previous lofty heights. Before the bridge scandal he was both the clear leader in the Republican primary and more importantly the only Republicans that polled as having a real chance of beating Hillary Clinton. That is now all gone.

Back in December the CNN/ORC poll found Christie was beating Clinton in a theoretical match up 48 percent to 46 percent. He was the only Republican that really stood out as a strong general election candidate doing more than ten points better than all other possible Republican nominees.

Now Clinton has an incredible 16 point lead over the governor. Clinton is at 55 percent support while Christie is at only 39 percent. In the general election Christie now performs about the same or slightly worse than all the other possible 2016 candidates.

Christie has also lost his lead in the Republican primary. Mike Huckabee now leads with 14 percent, followed by by Paul Ryan with 13 percent. Christie is tied for third with Jeb Bush at 10 percent.