not good news

Things for President Obama have gone from bad to worse. The latest Quinnipiac poll is very bad news for Obama and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Obama’s job approval rating has been on a steady decline since the beginning of October and is now the lowest ever in the history of Quinnipiac’s polling. Only 38 percent approve of how he is handling the job of president while 57 percent disapprove. Obama has even lost the backing of young people (41-49) who used to be one of his strongest groups.

The damage is not just limited to Obama. Congressional Democrats’ job approval rating has also dropped noticeably since last month and the party is now losing in the generic ballot. If the election were held today 41 percent would vote for a Republican while only 38 percent would vote for a Democrat. Unfortunately for Democrats, most of their support comes from young voters who are the least likely to turn out in an off-year election.

This is a huge turnaround since just before the was launched. At the beginning of October Democrats held a huge nine point lead in the generic ballot.

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, used under Creative Commons license