Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Overwhelmingly regular Americans blame the government shutdown on Congressional Republicans. According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll 53 percent believe Republicans were mainly responsible for the shutdown while only 29 percent think President Obama should receive most of the blame. An additional 15 percent of the country blames both sides equally.

This shutdown, which most people blame on Republicans, was extremely unpopular. The poll found 81 percent disapproved of it, 86 percent believe it damaged the United States’ international image, and 80 percent think it hurt the economy.

As a result Congressional Republicans are now in terrible shape politically. If the congressional election was held right now 49 percent of American adults would vote for a Democrats while only 38 percent would vote for a Republican. That is an amazing 11 point lead for the Democratic party. An almost unheard of advantage in a two party system.

This is just the latest poll to show the Republicans put themselves in a deep hole with this shutdown. All national polling since the shutdown started has found Democrats with a substantial lead in the generic ballot.