In Louisiana Mary Landrieu leads Republican challenger Bill Cassidy 48/41 for reelection

Another day and yet another poll showing the government shutdown has hurt Republicans. New polling shows the Democrats are in solid shape to hold the Senate next year. From PPP:

New PPP polls of 6 key Senate races that will determine control of the body after next year’s election finds voters extremely unhappy about the government shutdown. As a result Republicans trail in 5 of the 6 key races and are tied in the 6th. Republicans need to win 6 seats to take control of the Senate.

We find voters strongly opposed to the shutdown in every state we polled, even though most of them voted for Mitt Romney last year.

In one case anger over the shutdown is helping to put a Republican held seat on the table:

-In Georgia voters oppose the shutdown 61/31, and it’s just another factor helping make this seat competitive for Democrats next year. Michelle Nunn is knotted with a generic Republican opponent at 42%.

A year is a very long time in politics. It will be interesting to see how much anger about the shutdown fade over time using polls like this for a base line.

The Republicans do have plenty of time to turns things around before November 2014, but they have a lot of work to do and little indication they are planning to address their internal issues.

What we do know is this Republicans did real political damage to their party and will basically receive nothing in return.