Cory Booker

Democrat Cory Booker is set to become the newest United States senator from the great state of New Jersey. While his lead has shrunk slightly as election day nears, he still holds a commanding 10 point advantage over Republican Steve Lonegan according to a new Monmouth University poll.

The poll found Booker with 52 percent of likely voters and Lonegan at just 42 percent. This is only a slight drop from Booker’s 13 point lead two weeks ago in the same poll.

Lonegan is actually narrowly winning among Independents but New Jersey is a very heavily Democratic state. The large partisan advantage is enough to assure Booker an easy win even if he loses the Independent vote.

A ten point lead only two days out from the October 16th election is effectively insurmountable. It would almost take a miracle for Lonegan to win, and with the Republican brand at historic lows, that seem very unlikely.