Ted Cruz's plan to shut down the US government is wildly unpopular

Ted Cruz’s plan to shut down the US government is suddenly unpopular with his fellow Republicans

What I find most interesting about this current circular firing squad in the GOP is how so few Republicans were willing to point out the stupidity of Ted Cruz’s defund Obamacare push until it was too late.

It was clear this plan was ill-conceived and unworkable from the very beginning, but almost no one in the party was willing to say that at the time. None of the important leaders in the party were willing to quickly dismiss it. Instead they just hoped it would go away on its own — but that just let it grow.

The real biting criticism of the plan didn’t truly start until after the House Republicans already adopted it. That is when people like Rep. Peter King started calling Cruz a “fraud” and Sen. Bob Corker said it would fail while hurting the party.

If Republicans had spoken up earlier the story would simply be that one of their senators had one bad idea. Now all the necessary criticism of the plan also reflects badly on the entire party. If Cruz is really a fraud with stupid ideas, why did the entire House Republican caucus decide to follow his lead? Now his plan can’t be stopped without making the whole party look stupid as well.

Since no one in leadership was willing to take the small political hit earlier, the whole party is taking a big hit now.