Senate Candidate Gary Peters

Despite the decision by Sen. Carl Levin (D) to retire, Democrats are still in a good position to hold onto his seat. New polling by PPP finds Democrat Gary Peters with at least a five point lead over all the possible Republican candidates. From PPP:

The strongest potential Republican candidate at this point is former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, who announced her candidacy this week. She trails Peters by 5 points at 41/36. Land is the best known person considering the race too, although she still has just 50% name recognition.

Mike Rogers does the next best against Peters, trailing 42/32. After him it’s Justin Amash and Dave Camp who each trail by 12 points at 42/30 and 43/31 respectively, Kimberly Small who’s 16 points back at 42/26, Roger Kahn and Rob Steele who are each down 18 at 44/26, and Saul Anuzis who has a 20 point deficit at 44/24.

Democrats will have to defend an unusually large number of Senate seats next year, but so far the polling has been good. Fortunately for Democrats, their margin of control in the Senate is large enough they can afford to lose a few seats and still maintain control.