It is sometimes hard to get across how incredibly fringe opposition to marriage equality is among the Millennials. Thankfully, Public Policy Polling’s new “conspiracy theory” poll provides a surprisingly useful point of comparison.

Here are five things that more voters under 30 believe in more than opposing same-sex marriage.

  1. An UFO crashed at Roswell – According to PPP, 22 percent of young voters believe a UFO crash at Roswell and the government covered it up. By comparison the latest Washington Post poll found only 15 percent of this age group believe same-sex marriage should be illegal.
  2. Global Warming is a Hoax – More than twice as many Millienals think global warming is a hoax, 37 percent, than believe the government should stop two homosexuals from marrying.
  3. Bigfoot – Belief in Bigfoot is more popular among young voters (22 percent believe Sasquatch is real) than the belief same-sex marriage should be outlawed.
  4. Osama Bin Laden is still alive – PPP found 21 percent of voters under 30 think Bin Laden is still alive somewhere.
  5. Obama is the Anti-Christ – According to the poll 19 of young people believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. This means there is a decent number of young people who think Obama could be a demonic force that will bring the end times, who are also not bothered by gay marriage.

Among my generation opposition to marriage equality is about as fringe as a position can be.

Photo by Keith Daly released under Creative Commons License