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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

It is time to take a moment to again reflect on just how much progress has been made on the issue of marriage equality in the last decade.

Back during the 2008 Democratic primary none of the strongest candidates supported same-sex marriage. Now with the recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, every Democrat that is viewed as a possible top tier candidate in the 2016 Presidential primary has come out in favor of marriage equality.

Vice President Joe Biden came out in support of same-sex marriage right before President Obama did. Both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley recently championed same-sex marriage laws in their respective states. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Sen. Kirsten¬†Gillibrand both signed the amicus brief against DOMA.

Every Democratic politician that currently has a decent chance of running for president in 2016 is a strong supporter of marriage equality, and it is probably safe to say that there will never again be a legitimate Democratic candidate for president that doesn’t back same-sex marriage. That is something worth celebrating.