root canal

Congress: Less popular than a root canal

Just how despised is Congress these days? Well Public Policy Polling decided to poll it against some of the most hated things in the world and the results are not pretty. Here are just five things that Americans have a higher opinion than Congress:

  1. Lice – By an impressive 67 percent to 19 percent margin, people have a higher opinion of the little biting bugs.
  2. Cockroaches – While they don’t do as well as lice, even cockroaches beat Congress 45/41.
  3. Traffic jams – Being struck in traffics easily beats Congress 56/36.
  4. Root canals – Even though they are unpleasant they at least serve a function so they beat Congress 56/32
  5. Colonoscopies – Getting a camera shoved up your butt easily does better than Congress. You at least get drugs before a colonoscopy, 58/31

Members of Congress can take some solace in knowing that there are a few things they still beat. A slim majority of Americans still view Congress higher than Lindsay Lohan by a margin of 45 to 41 and Congress is easily seen as better than STDs.

Even if you don’t believe PPP numbers, there is no doubt Americans have a shockingly negative view of Congress.

While this poll is funny, it is a symptom of an extremely serious problem. A democratic institution should never become this horribly unpopular. Legislative bodies that are this unpopular should definitely not have over 90 percent of incumbents being re-elected. There is something deeply wrong when so many people are unhappy with their government, yet less than 10 percent of House seats can even potentially swing.

There is something very wrong with how Congress is run, how campaigns are financed, how seats are allocated, and how we vote if Congress can be viewed as worse than cockroaches yet remain nearly unchanged after an election. The headline is funny but the serious rot that precipitated it is profoundly depressing.

Photo by kmroddy under Creative Commons license