Chris Christie

Christie has a sky-high 72% approval rating

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) has always had a relatively good job approval rating throughout most of his term, but since Hurricane Sandy it has reached almost historic heights. New Jersey voters overwhelming have a positive opinion of how Christie has handled the crisis.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, 95 percent think Christie has done a “good” or “excellent” job dealing with the storm. This has pushed Christie’s overall job approval rating to an incredible 72 percent approve to 21 percent disapprove. Even a slim majority of Democrats, 52 percent, approve of how Christie is handling his job.

The timing is politically very important because New Jersey has the unusual odd-year gubernatorial election. In 11 months Christie will face re-election in 2013. Right now is roughly when potential opponents should be announcing their intentions to run, starting to build campaigns and raising money. Christie’s currently sky-high job approval rating could easily scare most of the top tier Democratic candidates away. Even if a top tier candidate does emerge, Christie’s strong approval rating could make donors think it is not worth spending money against him.