Today could be a historic day for both marriage equality and marijuana policy reform. In previous elections every time the issue of same-sex marriage or marijuana legalization appeared on a statewide ballot it was rejected by voters.

This election, though, thanks to a rapid change in popular opinion and a younger generation that takes a live-and-let-live attitude, that trend could finally end.

Colorado, Oregon and Washington State all feature ballot initiatives that would legalize marijuana under state law. In Colorado and Washington the final polls put the measure at just over 50 percent support. If any of them pass it should force a national conversation about our marijuana laws.

The issue of marriage equality is on the ballot in four states. Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State will have the chance to approve same-sex marriage laws. In Minnesota voters will be deciding on an amendment that would put a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution. The final set of polls show the marriage equality show them narrowly leading in Maine and Washington and the ban on same-sex marriage narrowly losing in Minnesota.

What is remarkable is how close almost all the marriage equality and marijuana legalization ballot measures are in the final polls. If you live in one of these states and care about these issue make sure to vote. There is the real possibility that some of them will be decided by just a fraction of a percent.

Photo by ilmungo under Creative Commons license