Ohio remains the most important of the swing states and the news for Mitt Romney in the state is not good. In addition to the Quinnipiac poll out this morning showing President Obama leading by five in the state two more polls out this afternoon also have Obama winning Ohio.

University of Cincinnati (10/25-30)
Barack Obama 48%
Mitt Romney 46%
Gary Johnson 2%
Other 2%
Don’t know 2%

PPP (10/29-30)
Barack Obama 50%
Mitt Romney 45%
Undecided 4%

There have now been ten public polls of Ohio released since Friday. Nine of them show Obama with a small lead while only the poll from Rasmussen has Romney leading with a two point advantage over Obama.

Either there is some weird dynamic that basically all the pollsters are missing or Obama is a strong favorite to win Ohio and as likely to win the electoral college.