Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is being outspent by Linda McMahon 3:1, per OpenSecrets

The open Connecticut senate race remains a surprising potential bright spot for Republicans in what is otherwise shaping up to be a problematic cycle for them. The latest Siena poll of likely voters has Republican Linda McMahon trailing Democrat Chris Murphy by only two points:

Siena (10/4-14)
Chris Murphy 46%
Linda McMahon 44%
Not voting for Senate 2%
Undecided 8%

The poll shows Obama winning the state by 15 points so Murphy is dramatically under-performing in what is a Democratic leaning state.

Both candidates have a negative favorability rating. McMahon’s favorable rating is 41 percent to 49 percent while Murphy’s is a 36 percent to 45 percent.

Other recent polls also show the race nearly tied. The Quinnipiac poll from early this month actually had McMahon up by one point.

If six months ago you had said Connecticut would potentially end up a better pickup opportunity for Republicans than Florida, Ohio or Missouri no one would have believed you. Now however it is one of the few real chances for the GOP to make gains.