Mitt Romney’s strong performance in the debate has allowed him to grab the lead nationally, according to the latest Pew Research poll. Last month Obama lead by eight points among likely voters but now Romney is up by four. From Pew:

The cause of this huge swing was Obama’s terrible performance in the debate. Overwhelmingly the American people agree Romney won the debate. According to Gallup, never in modern presidential politics have Americans been so unanimous in agreeing which candidate won a debate.

As a result of the debate, Romney’s numbers have increased across a variety of questions. Romney’s favorable rating is the highest it has every been at 50 percent. Before the debate Obama has a 13 point advantage on who Americans thought is a stronger leader, and now they are tied.

Most problematic for Obama is that Romney has seen real improvement on the issue of the economy, which is the number one issue for voters. Before the debate, Obama had a one point advantage on who was seen as best able to improve the jobs situation, but now Romney leads by eight on jobs.

It is possible that Romney’s post-debate bump will fade rather quickly, but Obama’s debate performance is already guaranteed to be remembered as the worst ever.