MA Sen: Elizabeth Warren Maintains Small Lead

Elizabeth Warren

In the Massachusetts senate race Democrat Elizabeth Warren maintains a small but significant lead over incumbent Scott Brown (R). Two new polls have Warren with a lead in the low single-digits:

WBUR (9/26-28)
Elizabeth Warren 49%
Scott Brown 45%
other candidate 1%
DK/Undecided 5%
Refused 1%

Boston Globe (9/21-27)
Elizabeth Warren 43%
Scott Brown 38%
other candidate 1%
Undecided 18%

Almost every poll of Massachusetts since the beginning of September has found similar results. Most public polls show Warren leading, but only by a few points. In general, the race has been slowly moving in Warren’s direction since the summer.

Brown is about as good a candidate as the Republican party could have hoped for. He is dramatically outperforming Romney in the state and has a very good favorable rating. According to the Globe poll, 53 percent view him favorably while only 33 percent view him unfavorably. Brown’s problem is that this is simply not the year to be running as a Republican in Massachusetts.

The past two years of Congress fighting with President Obama has dramatically turned the American people off to the idea of divided government and the Warren campaign is exploiting this development. It is working to make sure people see a vote for Brown as a vote for a Republican-controlled Senate.

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