Earlier in the cycle the Republicans had high hopes for Wisconsin. It appears to be one of the only states where Mitt Romney stood a good chance of expanding the map to make up for potential loses in previously traditional Republicans states like Virginia. The naming of Wisconsin native Paul Ryan as VP was part of a real push to win the state and it did produce a noticeable boost for the ticket there at the time. That bump, though, appears to have faded. Three new polls of the state this week all show President Obama with a solid lead.

PPP (9/18-19)
Barack Obama 52%
Mitt Romney 45%
Undecided 3%

Marquette Law School (9/13-16)
Barack Obama 54%
Mitt Romney 40%
Undecided 4%
Don’t know 1%
Refused 1%

Quinnipiac (9/11-17)
Barack Obama 51%
Mitt Romney 45%
Someone else 1%
DK/NA 3%

Not only is Obama over 50 percent in all three polls but also the recent trend has clearly been in his favor. PPP’s August pollĀ  actually found Romney ahead by a single point, not today. Similarly. according to Marquette Obama’s standing in the state has improved significantly. Their August poll had Obama beating Romney by just three points.

If Wisconsin moves back out of the swing state column Romney’s potential paths to 270 Electoral College votes become very narrow.