The latest Pew Research poll contains some very bad news for Mitt Romney. According to the poll, President Obama has an eight point lead among registered voters:  Obama 51 percent to Romney’s 43 percent. Romney’s problems go much deeper than just trailing by a wide margin in the horserace, however.

The poll found that voters see Obama as significantly better than Romney on a whole range of personal traits, and think Obama would do a better job than Romney handling almost every issue except reducing the federal debt:

In addition to Romney getting low marks on how he would handle most issues, the voters simply don’t like him as much as Obama. President Obama’s favorability rating has recently increased to an impressive 55 percent favorable to 42 percent unfavorable. On the other hand, Romney’s favorability rating remains negative. Only 45 percent view him favorably while 50 hold an unfavorable opinion of him.

Things are looking very dark for Team Romney. Voters aren’t going to replace a president with a challenger they like less, they trust less and they think is less capable of addressing most of the important issues facing the country.