The Obama campaign clearly feels they have a juicy new opening against Mitt Romney. Within less than 24 hours the Obama team has already seized on a video leaked to Mother Jones where Romney tells a room full of millionaires that 47 percent of the country is with Obama because they are “dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims.”

The Obama team’s first big response is to show the reactions of regular voters watching the video. The simplicity of the attack, merely showing people what Romney claims to believe, makes it powerful.

During the entire campaign Romney has struggled with likability, a perceived lack of empathy for regular voters and the impression that he is an out-of-touch rich guy. This video of his remarks goes a long way to dramatically reinforcing those impressions.

Even if this video doesn’t actually move the polling much, it could still be very bad news for the Romney campaign. The problem for Romney is that he is currently trailing. He needs the polls to move in his direction to win and potentially flip a few current Obama-leaners. If this video merely make leaning voters more committed to Obama, it is narrowing Romney already difficult path to 270.