Two new polls both show that Democrat Elizabeth Warren leads incumbent Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. This an improvement from earlier in the cycle when some polls showed Brown with a small advantage.

The Western New England University poll of likely voters has Warren leading by six points. It found Warren 50 percent to Brown 44 percent. This is the largest lead for Warren found by any public poll of likely voters.

Public Policy Polling found Warren with a smaller two point lead but this is a real improvement from their last poll which had Brown ahead. Their recent poll has Warren 48 percent to Brown 46 percent. By comparison one month ago PPP found Brown leading 49 percent to Warren 44 percent.

The big problem for Brown is his party label. Massachusetts voters really like him but they still aren’t planning to vote for him. His job approval numbers in both polls are extremely impressive and should make any other incumbent envious. The university found 57 percent of likely voters approve of his job performance with just 30 percent disapproving. Similarly, PPP has his job approval at 55/34.

It would seem in a deeply Democratic state, voters simply don’t want to see Republicans take control of the Senate. If that means voting against a Republican they like, then that is what they will do.