Michigan, where the trees are the right height (photo: bug_girl_mi / flickr)

Earlier in the year the Republicans thought they had a decent chance of winning Michigan, in part because it was one of Romney’s home states. While a few political watchers may still consider it a swing state the odds of Romney actually winning it grow more and more remote.

An EPIC-MRA poll out today shows Obama with a commanding 10 point lead. According to the poll, Obama is at 47 percent and Romney is at only 37 percent. This comes two weeks after a PPP poll found Obama with a large seven point lead in the state.

It is not just the polling that indicates Michigan is now moving firmly in to the Obama column. The spending by both campaigns and allied outside groups makes it clear the people directly engaged in the race no longer think Michigan is a good use of resources for Romney.  Several well-funded Romney supporting super PACs have pulled their ad dollars  from the state to redirect them elsewhere. Similarly, the Romney campaign recently made a $8 million ad buy in nine swing states, but notably Michigan was not included on the list.

With less than two months to the election the number of swing states is starting to narrow and it is bad news for Romney. As it currently stands, Obama needs to win only a few of the swing states to make it to 270 while Romney needs to practically sweep them all to just barely win the White House.

Thanks to the idiotic electoral college there is now one more state the presidential candidates no longer need to care about.