The Republican national convention was basically a three day infomercial for Mitt Romney. While the event failed to have much impact on polling for the Presidential race, it did at least manage to modestly improve Americans’ opinions of Romney.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News, Romney’s net favorable rating is still bad but not as terrible as it was last month. Directly following the convention 40 percent of adults now have a favorable opinion of Romney while 47 percent view him unfavorably. This still leaves Romney in negative territory but not as bad as he was before the convention. The same poll right before the convention found Romney favorable rating an abysmal 35 percent favorable to 51 percent unfavorable.

After three days of the best possible press for Romney at a massive event whose primary purpose was to sell Romney to the American people, Romney’s favorable rating still couldn’t even reach neutral territory.

I suspect this convention bump will be the last high water mark for Romney’s favorable rating, and it will only go down as we get closer to November. The Romney campaign is going to have the unenviable task of convincing people to vote to make Romney President even though they don’t like him.