The race for the Connecticut Senate seat has turned into a remarkably close contest. The latest PPP poll finds that Democrat Rep. Chris Murphy holds only a four point lead over Republican Linda McMahon. McMahon is best known for being president of World Wrestling Entertainment, where she made her personal fortune.

PPP (8/22-23)
Connecticut Senate
Chris Murphy 48%
Linda McMahon 44%
Undecided 8%

This is better news for Murphy than the Quinnipiac poll from earlier this week which found McMahon leading with 49 percent to Murphy at 46 percent, but still not good news. The race is far closer than it should be in such a Democratic heavy state during a Presidential election year. In the 2010 Senate race, McMahon lost by 11 points to Richard Blumenthal despite it being a very good year for Republicans. It appears, though, that she learned from the experience and is running a better campaign this second time around.

While Connecticut had once looked like a lock for Democrats, this new poll confirms there is a real race in a state that Democrats could potentially lose. The closeness of the race may force national Democrats to start spending limited resources on behalf of Murphy. National Republicans, on the other hand, can count on McMahon self-funding from her large personal fortune. She has already significantly outspent Murphy thus far.