The American people are strongly in agreement that Mitt Romney should release more tax returns to give the voters a better sense of his financial behavior over the years. According to a New CNN/ORC poll, by almost a two to one margin, Americans think he should release more than just the two years he has promised to. From CNN:

As you may know, Mitt Romney has released his tax returns from the past two years, but has refused to release tax returns for any other year. Do you think Romney should or should not release tax returns from additional years?

Should 63%
Should not 36%
No opinion 2%

It is truly amazing how big the Romney campaign has allowed this issue to become by continuing to refuse to follow tradition when it comes to releasing tax returns. Romney continues to be asked about this issue in interview after interview, and his excuses for not releasing  his returns are convoluted and frankly pathetic. With every week Romney’s refusal to deal with the issue gets it more attention and causes more speculation about what terrible thing he could be hiding. Romney must know that there is no way the media or Democrats will drop the issue until he releases them, yet Romney still chooses to let the issue fester.

The real problem for Romney is not that your average voter cares deeply about tax returns, it is that his refusal to release more is simply indefensible. Even many top conservatives have called on him to release more returns and they won’t defend his  bizarre refusal to disclose more. There is no good reason why anyone seeking the most powerful office in the land should be allowed to hide their finances from the electorate.