Once again Mitt Romney’s team has managed to raise significantly more in donations than President Obama’s campaign during the last month.  According to the two campaigns, Romney’s side brought in roughly $25 million more in July than Obama did for his election effort.

The Romney campaign today claimed it raised $101.3 million in July for Romney for President, Romney Victory, and the Republican National Committee. By comparison the Obama campaign tweeted that they had brought in only $75 million last month, although the Obama team did try to stress their small donor focus, pointing out that they received donations from 761,000 individuals.

This is now the third straight month that the Romney team has managed to raise more money than the Obama team, and there is little reason to believe the trend will stop. During both the primary and general election in 2008 Obama was famous for his incredible fundraising prominence, but this year Romney clearly has him beat.

These totals for July only reflect the money that was raised directly by the political campaigns and parties. There are large amounts of money pouring into several Super PACs.  While technically not connected to the candidate, they are set up and run by close allies of the candidates. Indications are that the Republicans also have a clear fund raising edge when it comes to this outside money as well.

From simply a campaign resource perspective Obama will probably be at a noticeable disadvantage this election.