Despite the Obama campaign’s recent hammering of Mitt Romney for his role at Bain Capital, the vast majority of Americans still see his business experience there as a net positive for Romney, according to a new national USA Today/Gallup poll. From USA Today:

By more than 2-1, 63%-29%, those surveyed say Romney’s background in business, including his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital, would cause him to make good decisions, not bad ones, in dealing with the nation’s economic problems over the next four years.

The findings raise questions about Obama’s strategy of targeting Bain’s record in outsourcing jobs and hammering Romney for refusing to commit to releasing more than two years of his tax returns. Instead, Americans seem focused on the economy, where disappointment with the fragile recovery and the 8.2% unemployment rate are costing the president.

While it appears the attacks regarding Bain Capital haven’t yet done much national damage to Mr. Romney, we are still far out from the election, and most of the attack ads are focused on only key markets in swing states. What is more important than the message reaching a national audience is that it is working with targeted swing voters. The Pro-Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA claims they have poll which shows that it is.

The main reason the Obama campaign is going after Romney on Bain Capital is that Romney’s perceived competence on the economy is basically his only big selling point to swing voters. While it is obviously tough to attack someone on their supposed strength, if the Obama campaign can succeed it would be significant. We will need more time to see if the strategy eventual pays off, but the Obama team is clearly betting it will.