The number of young people who say they will “definitely vote” this November is very low compared with both other age groups and previous election cycles.¬†Currently just 58 percent of registered voters under 30 definitely plan to vote in this election. From Gallup:

Definitely Likely to Vote, 2004-2012 Elections, by Age

It is still early in the cycle so there is time for young voter engagement to improve. In both 2004 and 2008 the number of young people saying they planned to vote increased significantly from June to November.

That said, this year young voter engagement is starting from a much lower base. At roughly this same time in the 2004 cycle, 61 percent of this age group was definitely planning to vote, and in 2008 a full 69 percent of young voters said they were planning to vote in June.

Obama depended on strong turnout from young people to win in 2008, now it appears his campaign is going to struggle convincing them to come to the polls.