The American people are not particularly excited about this Presidential election. The one description most Americans agree fits this election is” exhausting,” followed not far behind by “annoying,” according to a new Pew Research poll. With the campaign currently dominated with a bizarre “how many angels can dance on the head off a pin” argument about what is a tax, this result doesn’t surprise me.

Now that the Republican primary is over, a plurality of all partisan groups consider this election dull instead of interesting. From Pew:

Despite being close, the state of the Presidential race is remarkably stable, making it fairly dull. Obama has continued to have a small but real lead for weeks. There have been no major events, shake-ups or serious scandals hitting the campaign recently. This is not unusual though, according to Pew most modern presidential elections, besides 2008, were seen as dull by the majority of people.

On a positive note, even though most see the election as dull and exhausting, an overwhelming 79 percent still say this election is important. People value the concept of democracy even if it is not always exciting.

While a boring election is unfortunate for people like myself who need to write about it; all things considered, being boring is normally a good thing for a country. Disasters, chaos, civil wars, and coups are never dull but are terrible for the regular people involved.