There is more confirmation that President Obama holds a small but consistent lead over Mitt Romney. The latest CNN-ORC poll found Obama with a three point lead among registered voters, Obama 49% – Romney 46%.

The other good news for Obama in this poll is that his job approval rating is 51 percent.  While only decent, it is above the important 50 percent mark. People also continue to like Obama as a person, 55 percent hold a favorable opinion of him while only 44 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of him.

Across almost all the national polls, the results have been in remarkable agreement. Almost every major poll in the last two weeks has found Obama leading by between three to five points. Both the recent Newsweek poll and the NBC/WSJ poll also found Obama up by three. The Gallup tracking poll from yesterday had Obama up by five, as did the most recent Fox New poll.

It should be noted that this CNN-ORC poll, taken right after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, found Obama had an near identical lead compared to all those polls taken right before the ruling. So far it seems the ruling has neither boosted nor hurt Obama. At most it may mildly hurt Obama, because of its affect on Republicans;  according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, the ruling did slightly more to energize the Republican base than the Democratic one.

The state of the Presidential race at this moment is clear. Obama holds a small but real lead over Romney. While the lead is not strong, Obama does benefit from the fact that people tend to like him better than Romney and trust him more on most issues.