While it is still relatively far out from the election, and three way races tend to be unpredictable, it appears that former governor and Independent Angus King is the prohibitive favorite to win the open Maine Senate Seat. A new WBUR poll finds King with a commanding 27 point lead.

Maine Senate
WBUR 6/13-14
Angus King (I) 50%
Charlie Summers (R) 23%
Cynthia Dill (D) 9%
Other Candidate 1%
Don’t Know / Undecided 17%

The big unanswered question doesn’t seem to be if King will win; it’s which party will he caucus with come January?  It seems most expect him to caucus with the Democrats. All top Democrats seeking the seat dropped out when King entered the race, but King has remained adamant that he is a free agent open to potentially caucusing with either party.

It is very possible given the current state of the election that after November control of the Senate could come down to King. If that is the case he would have a lot of leverage and there could be some extremely interesting horse trading taking place.