With less than two weeks until the recall election in Wisconsin, it appears Republican Governor Scott Walker currently stands a very good chance of surviving the effort. Two new polls out today confirm Walker leads Democrat Tom Barrett in their rematch. A poll for Wisconsin Public Radio has Walker leading by five and a poll for Reason has him up by eight.

St. Norbet College/Wisconsin Public Radio (5/17-22)
Scott Walker (R) 50%
Tom Barrett (D) 45%
Not sure 5%

Reason-Rupe poll by ORC International (5/14-18)
Scott Walker (R) 50%
Tom Barrett (D) 42%
Don’t Know 6%
Refused 3%

Although the race remains relatively tight, all the recent polling constantly shows Walker with a small single digit lead. While polling special elections is difficult because so much depends on what could end up being very unusual turnout, at this point Walker is a strong favorite to maintain his office.