Since finally effectively securing the Republican Party’s nomination Mitt Romney’s favorability rating have improved significantly, according to Gallup. Romney recently registered an all time best with 50 percent holding a favorable view of him and only 41 percent viewing him unfavorable. Only a few months ago his net favorable rating was a dismal -8.

Most of the improvement in Romney’s favorable numbers come from consolidating the Republican base as a result of his primary victory. In February, 65 percent of Republicans held a favorable view of him and now that is up to 87 percent.

This puts Romney’s favorable rating right on par with President Obama’s 52 percent, but Romney’s rating is still very low by historic standards. Almost all recent non-incumbent nominees went into the general election with significantly better favorable numbers than Romney currently has.

Favorable Ratings of Past Nominees After They Became Presumptive Nominee

Romney has become more likable since capturing the nomination, but he is still not well liked.