Mitt Romney now holds a three point national lead over President Obama according to the newest NYT/CBS News poll. The poll found that 46 percent of registered voters say they would choose Romney while just 43 percent say they would back Obama. This represents a small drop in support for Obama compared to last month when the same poll found the race perfectly tied at 46 percent each.

While horse race polling months out from the November general election isn’t the most accurate predictor, the national polling since Romney effectively secured his party’s nomination has been remarkable.  At this point, at least, it looks like it will be a very close election.

The one thing from the poll that should concern the Obama team most is that most Americans continue to view the state of the economy as bad. Currently just 32 percent rate the economy as good and 67 percent rate it as bad. While this is a modest improvement from earlier in the year, these are still awful numbers.

With 62 percent of voters ranking “economy and jobs” as the top issue facing the country, Obama is going to really struggle if after four years in office two thirds of the country still thinks the economy is doing poorly.