Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Stance Unlikely to Change Many Voters

An overwhelming majority of Americans, 60 percent, say that President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage will make no difference in how they plan to vote this November according to Gallup.

Does President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage make you more likely to vote for him, less likely to vote for him, or doesn’t it make any difference? May 2012 results

The only group where a majority said it would impact their vote was Republicans, with 52 percent saying it would make them less likely to support Obama. However, Obama was probably never going to get the votes of those Republicans anyway. Obama’s announcement could make some of these Republicans more enthusiastic about voting against him, but each Republican can still only vote against Obama once.

It is likely Obama’s stance on same sex marriage could encourage some volunteering and donations on both sides, but it doesn’t appears likely to change lots of voters.

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