Florida and Ohio are again living up to their reputations of being the big presidential swing states. Two new polls show that in both states President Obama and Mitt Romney are currently tied.

A new poll from Suffolk University found that Obama holds only a single point lead in Florida

Suffolk University (5/6-5/8)
Obama 46%
Romney 45%
Other  2%
Undecided  7%
Refused 1%

While the race in Florida is extremely close the good news for the Obama team is that support appears to be moving in his direction. The previous Suffolk poll of Florida from January found Romney leading 47 to Obama 42.

Similarly, in Ohio Obama also has only a single point lead according to a new Qunnipiac poll.

Qunnipiac University 5/2-5/7
Obama 45%
Romney 44%
Someone else 2%
Wouldn’t vote 3%
DK/NA 7%

The state of the race in Ohio remained basically unchanged for most of the year in their polling. Obama always leads but mostly by the slimmest of margins.

The poll tested some possible VP picks and found that if Mitt Romney selected Ohio Senator Rob Portman as his running mate it would have almost no impact. With Portman on the ticket Romney gains only a single point making the race tied 45 to 45.